Friday, April 14, 2017

He Reveals

As I sit here in this chair
reading book after book
that tell of Jesus' love
as on the cross He stood
loving me forever.
His love never fails
my life should reveal
His light shining through.
In lovingkindness He forgives.
Unconditional love abiding
throughout eternity
His glory He reveals.


He understands
how life's twists and turns
can discourage and deplete us
and emptiness we feel.
His love returns
through reading
The Holy Bible, His Word.
Praying and seeking
we find His love once again
standing forever
through life's twists and turns.


We leave a life well known
to that one up above.
Where Christ is King
and the victory won
on heights we don’t comprehend.

We stand on solid ground,
as our heart beats to another drum,
on green, green pastures of daffodils
or in the streets of gold.

Where Jesus is told of long ago:
the bittersweet taste of dying
from this earth to a place well known.
Where God and Jesus and the ones we love

who went on before reside.