Thursday, August 13, 2015


     How many times have you played, "What if?" Who hasn’t played, "What if I had enough money to give my children all they ever need. If I had enough to buy a mansion and cars for our family, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncle's. Then had enough to be an entrepreneur to heal others."
     Well, last Spring, I had the unfortunate occasion to play the, "What If?" Only I played, "What if I become paralyzed?" It wasn't exactly a game. I was faced with the issue. Any wrong move before I had surgery could become the fact. Thought's of what my family would be required to do was overwhelming. As it was, we didn't fare very well, my husband and I. We became overwhelmed with the responsibility.
     I thought my faith was stronger than at that time. I became devastated. I thought of the worst-case scenario. I was surprised at my lack of faith. However, I prayed that I would not be, and I was not paralyzed. The Physicians Assistant said I could be. I am still faced with the idea that any day I can pop my back out of place and I could become paralyzed.
     Faith is a strange thing. We can think we are strong then fail. Maybe we think too much of ourselves. We think, "I am strong!" or "I can handle this situation!" NOT without God. God is the strength by which we face daily lives.  God is the sustenance that holds the pieces of our lives together.
     We forget to ask as Solomon did, "Give me wisdom." or as Sampson did, "Give me strength." We forget to ask for that, "faith to move mountains."
     We can dream of enough "money" to sustain us and our family and friends. We ask, "Lord give me "faith" to sustain my husband and me, not only in times of despair but daily tasks. Give me strength to take care of my needs and my husbands needs."
     It requires "reigning in our vain imaginations" and "taking captive our negative thoughts" as Paul admonishes us to do.
     As it turned out the Lord was gracious to me and healed me byAugust of this summer. With faith and a lot of people prayers for me, and with the knowledge God imparted to doctors I was able to be healed surgically. I am doing well and will take more time to decide what are the most important activities (and work) to accomplish each day. Taking care of my body as well as my soul.
     (NIV 2 Corinthians 10:5b…"we take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.")