Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lost Pens

Looking for writing pens—I think I’ve spent one-eighth of my life looking for pens. It can’t be just any pen—it has to be the one that my daughter gave me, or the one I wrote my favorite poem with.
Other “stuff” too. You’ve done it before—you were sure you put that favorite blouse from last winter in that drawer in the guest room. Lo and behold—it’s not there now!
How many of us “look” for that special gift for that certain someone who has asked you to enjoy their birthday with. Nothing will do until you find the “perfect” gift.

What are you constantly looking for? That verse of scripture you were sure you knew? That story in the Bible that you thought was so familiar that you forgot the exact words?
How exciting to find those scriptures and recall the “true” story. Our memories elude us sometimes into thinking we actually know something, only to find through the years the story has faded or become twisted.
That’s why we read and re-read the Bible: to search for the truth for today. When we find the lesson for today’s verse we live in freedom. Like finding the object we are looking for. Eureka! We exclaim.
It was right where the Lord wanted us to find it at the right time in our life. It fits our life situation at present.
My friend when you find God’s word for your life today you have found a treasure far out-weighing any object you may find. You find he peace and tranquility that only come from diligent seeking.
Well, I found in my pen-caddy today about 20 pens. They all returned to their “home” somehow after months of wondering where they were. I simply forgot about that one pen and began collecting the pens I found throughout the day.
By Lanell Stuart


Debbie Gail Stuart Smith said...

So true... Good one Mom...

Brian & Mary Chamberlin said...

Love this. Thanks for posting, Debi. I see where you get your love of writing.

Frankie said...

Enjoyed reading this. I hardly ever know where I've put something; everything! My husband will ask where I put the keys from unlocking the door as we come in and I just smile; he knows they could be the first or last place I stopped when coming in. I even have an icon on my computer named "Where to Find It". The computer is a wonderful place to be able to use a phrase from the Bible to be able to find the correct passage; I use my computer for my memory all the time.

Danny Woodall said...

Good point.