Monday, January 12, 2015


“The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1 NIV)

     God is not just almighty but, all mighty; mighty in all; most high. He is above all, the power and strength of the mightiest of all creation. He is over all creation. He speaks and mighty are His words. Just a word from His mouth He spoke the world into existence. Talk about the power of the spoken word. This was power above all powers.

     He protects us with His presence. The Holy Spirit reveals God’s presence and gives us power when we have meditated on His word we would not otherwise have. He welcomes us into His presence by His power and might.

     We know the presence of the Lord when we reach deeply into the word of God. Even when hard times come we know He is with us. Because the Bible tells us, “He Himself will deliver you from the ….the destructive plague. His faithfulness will be a protective shield”(Psalm 91:3and 4b NIV)

     When we talk to people, how influential are we? Are we just making conversation or are we influencing them for our benefit or for theirs? Our words are very important. Someone once said, “She doesn’t talk very much”, to which she replied from another person’s quote, “I would rather keep my mouth shut and have people think I’m a fool than open it and prove it.” (Sometimes quoted from Abraham Lincoln, sometimes Mark Twain).

     Our words are a powerful force. They can make someone’s countenance fall are rise. They can lift spirits or bring them down. We have choices to make everyday. We must choose what words are we speaking today and make God’s presence known among the people we meet.

     Do we experience God’s presence every day or just on Sunday when the preacher preaches a sermon. Do we experience God within ourselves then reach others by our words?

     God’s presence is all around us when we just look for it. God’s presence can be in the people we meet. God’s presence is wherever we are. We just have to look for it. If we never reach up, nothing can ever come down.  We look upward for God and He comes downward and lives in our hearts.