Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Jesus' birth was the beginning of a new family. It marked the consummation of vows of faithfulness of Mary and Joseph to each other and to God. It marked the beginning of an innocent life.

We are reminded of the responsibilities of parents to bring up their children in the safety and admonition of the Lord. We realize once more how precious life is. We long for that innocence of a newborn babe.

God chose his son, Jesus, to come to earth to experience this earthy life from beginning to end. He had to be taught to talk and walk as a human being. He had to build a body to withstand the trials and temptations we all have had to face.

This time of year we remember and envy the innocence and vulnerability of a baby. How dependent we are on other people. As in birth, we find in death our vulnerability to this human form we call our bodies. How we must depend on God to, …grant us with a willing spirit to sustain us. (Psalm 51:12b) my paraphrase).

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